Monday, November 16, 2009

Reading Notes:
Clean Food

  • Promotes journaling food/mood/exercise to determine effect of different foods on you; personalized diet
  • "Clean food is naturally grown and minimally processed" p6
  • Straightforward description of the problem with soy products
  • Nice 'What's That?' list of less common foods w/ taste descriptors
  • Recipe lists by season!
  • Whole cookbook is mostly vegan without announcing itself as such
  • Spicy Thai Tempeh with Cashews! Need to buy basmati. . .
  • Walters' qualifications for clean food, i.e. minimal processing, don't seem to apply to condiments — how does she think soy sauce is made? or dijon? veganaise? et cetera
  • A few uncommon foods; enough to garner interest w/o having to buy a whole new pantry
  • Presents sea vegetables as integral & forgotten diet component, interesting
  • Overall, recipes are single-page, straightforward steps & simple prep; most are 30-min meals w/o bragging over it
  • Great balance of seasonal ingredients
  • Not an annoying, preachy, Kingsolver-esque cookbook about health foods, rather clear cut recipes that make it painless
  • Stopped midway thru reading recipes to grab my grocery list
  • Already made the Maple Nut Granola — delicious! Highly recommend.
  • Excellent gift for vegetarians/vegans/health nuts

Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More than 200 Recipes for a Healthy and Sustainable You
Terry Walters
Sterling Epicure
View at Barnes & Noble

Final review will be published in Vibrant Life newsletter, January 2010

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