About Christine Reads

Hi. I'm Christine. I read — this should be obvious or else I worry about you. When I'm not reading, you'll find me caring for two small children, designing a monthly magazine, gardening or baking. I bake a lot and can regularly be found eating my goodies with coffee and a book.

On this site, you’ll find opinionated yet personable reviews on selected fiction and nonfiction. If I enjoyed reading it, you’ll find it here.

I’m unable to cover everything, nor am I able to say nice things about everyone. We’ll skirt around this issue by skipping reviews of bad books. Negative reviews aren’t fun to write or read. We’ll keep them to an absolute minimum here, though it’s fair to point out weaknesses in books with excellent overall content.

This blog focuses primarily on fiction, memoirs, food writing, crafting and how-to, health and exercise, cookbooks. You will also find other nonfiction, environmental, vegetarian-focus, graphic design, occasional Christian/inspirational, and story compendiums.

Most of the books you’ll see reviewed were provided courtesy of the publisher, but I also review my own purchases and borrowed titles. If it’s printed, it’s fair game.

Want me to review your book?

I welcome reading materials in all genres, though I reserve the right to filter the titles I review. Email me at christinereads[at]cemming[dot]com to suggest a title or request an address for published work that fits into the genres specified above.

If the book you’ve sent me hasn’t shown up here, sit tight. I may not have gotten around to it yet. The stacks on my desk grow rather precarious now and then. If your book disappears from the "Upcoming Reviews" sidebar without being showcased, I might not have enjoyed it as much as you felt I should. Feel free to ask, but I will offer an honest opinion — even if it's unflattering.