Friday, December 25, 2009

Reading Notes:
Simple Compassion

  • Weekly nuggets of reading, about 5-6 pages, great for busy readers and also for mental digestion; good pacing of reading to allow time for action
  • Author is a feminist who likes to challenge conservative viewpoints; I like it, but it's combative at times.
  • 'Enough' is a quintessential topic in today's society, when to stop buying things, how much do I need and how new does it have to be, these are forgotten questions. This chapter has a lovely message.
  • Community step at the end of chapters for group discussion encourages women to read this book together, in groups, which also develops community; nice tie-in
  • 'Moving' chapter applied specifically to me because I'm unhappy with my current digs and Wyatt Kent talks about living contentedly, wherever I am, how to focus on 'staying' as a concept. Ugh.
  • Week 16 is particularly impressive — seeing people as objects of love rather than just evangelistic projects
  • The book starts small, just motivating you, one woman, to feel secure enough, then equips you for action. As the book continues, the actions grow from neighborhood to outer community to world, and you begin to feel a part of things and a viable method of change.
"My hope is that as you read, you will be infused with confidence and strength to change the world, one life at a time, starting with your own," Keri Wyatt Kent in Simple Compassion.

Simple Compassion: Devotions to Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood and Your World
Keri Wyatt Kent

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Review based on a free copy of this book, courtesy of the publisher.


  1. Christine,
    Thanks for a great and thought-provoking review. I appreciate your comments.
    Keri Wyatt Kent

  2. Thank you, Keri!

    You can have no idea, simply from reading this, how I've plugged your book as THE womens group pick for my mom and another church friend with small groups. I feel it will make such a positive difference in how people relate to each other, come together to affect a community. It's very exciting. I'm inspired by how thorough and honest you were throughout, and I'm hoping to share this in my community as well.

    All the best,