Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: Found Art

An honest, thoughtful journey of the delicate relationship with self, Found Art is a book born of strange circumstance. Leeana Tankersley's memoir chronicles her whirlwind engagement to a Navy SEAL officer, the couples' brisk but memorable first married year stationed in Afghanistan at the brink of the gulf war, and ends with the shift to 'normal' life back in the U.S. — or as regular as it gets for the wife of a SEAL during wartime.

As she tries to process the bleary pace of navy life and reassess her goals, Leeana is forced to address her personal roadblocks. Loneliness, social anxiety, how God works, the existence of war, constant fear of loss, self-confidence, and death are all issues Tankersley wrestles privately, all smeared across these pages.

An easy read with some profound messaging, Found Art has some overworked prose where Tankersley mimics a freshman angling for extra points, though she's not lacking in sincerity. Her voice is calm and seasoned, just not quite settled or secure with itself. Which, at its core, is what she addresses here: coming to terms with oneself is a lifelong process.

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Review based on a free copy of this book, courtesy of the publisher.

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