Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Fitness Running

I'm delighted to have a copy of Fitness Running and have already dog-eared several sections. From speed drills with photos to completing your own health assessment, this book is the runner's instruction manual.

If you, like myself, are trying to figure out how to improve your running, this book will help. I used to run, even trained for a while, but two kids and four years later my online resources have vanished (probably defunct) and many of the books I've found at Barnes & Noble are for elite athletes or people starting from absolute zero. This book spans the gap nicely and covers both basics (stretches) and advanced tactics (marathon training based on your VO2 Max) without focusing on the gear — something even the most helpful magazines do almost entirely.

Here's where a slightly out of shape person can turn to start running no experience and know what the next level even looks like. Here's where a beginning runner can turn to the photos about pronation and understand how to improve footfall. Here's where runners of all levels can make their own goal-based training programs with ease. I know I have.

Fitness Running, 3rd Edition
Richard L. Brown, PhD
Human Kinetics Publishers, Paperback $21.95
View the book at Barnes and Noble

Review based on a free copy of this book, courtesy of LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

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